Why The Wellness Spectrum?

Living in the world as it is, being constantly busy and switched on is the life we have adapted, but is it the life you really want?

If you are reading this it is because now is the time to focus on yourself.

Do you need to de-stress and switch off?  Are you juggling too many things? Are you always putting others first?

How often do you start something and never finish it, your to do list gradually becoming longer?  This experience will help you put the building blocks into place that you need in order to make lasting changes to your lifestyle.  It will provide time to focus your mind on your true priorities whilst introducing a simple step process tailored for you. Follow on support with be essential in order to succeed and we will be there to guide you after your weekend with us as well. 

Why should you commit?

Is this retreat for you and what will you gain? 


Starting the day: Vinyasa yoga and Mobility


Waking up and moving the body is the best way to feel fantastic for the rest of the day.

Whether you are experienced or a beginner, we will go through a practise with gentle movement and meditation, that will help you destress and feel revived. 

Exploring the coastal paths and hiking wind-swept cliffs


Breathe the fresh air and take in the stunning scenery of the North Devon coastline. 

After a delicious breakfast spread, get your boots on and we'll head out for a hike along coastal paths and wherever the wind will take us. Remember, it is your moment. 

Time for a dip? Join the Brave!


You can't visit the coast without taking the plunge, so push yourself out of your comfort zone.

Believe it or not, cold water is actually beneficial for your immune system - yep that's not a trick! Count down from five and don't look back - there will be a fire and hot drinks awaiting back at the house, much deserved. 

Plenty of time for yourself.


No retreat weekend is complete without valuable chill time. 

Whether you want to have an afternoon nap by the fire, read a book, play board games, or fill up on our delicious food offerings. For the more dynamic amongst you? Social cooking, circuit classes, country strolls and more on demand. 

A typical day at The Wellness Spectrum


Vinyasa Yoga & mobility

Morning meditation

Freestyle Circuit/interval workout

Buffet style breakfast


Coastal hiking

Lunch break

Sea swimming opportunity

Tea/Coffee and relaxation


1-2-1 Personal coaching time

Dinner time

Slow vinyasa flow

Evening meditation



North Devon (UK)

Set on the absolutely stunning coast of North Devon we have access to numerous coastal walks, hills and beaches. Exploring the coast line will play a large part in our time away and we will be providing optional sea swims for those brave souls who want to feel liberated and refreshed!

The house has a mixture of twin and double rooms available for single or double occupancy, all of which have en suite bath/shower rooms or separate bathroom. Two living rooms will provide plenty of lounge space, one of which hosts a wood burning stove.

The lovely open kitchen provides a space for sociable cooking where we will be making hearty and healthy food, which you can take ideas from to integrate into your home lifestyle and daily routine. 

The Lynhurst

Lynway, Lynton EX35 6AX

Check on the map

About me, Catherine Wishart


Online Coach & Personal Trainer, based in London

Having made a drastic lifestyle transition myself several years ago, I have been helping men and women improve their daily habits, nutrition, lifestyle and confidence ever since, in both 1to1 personal training and online coaching. 

My roots

I grew up on a farm in Scotland surrounded by hills and greenery and spent most of my childhood playing with ponies or tireless games of trampoline rugby (don't ask!).  London has not always been able to sustain my love of fresh air and beautiful scenery so I wanted to find a way to integrate this into my life whilst helping others enjoy it as well!

My mission

My mission is to enable people to explore outside of their usual environment and experience some new adventures in a different setting.  Finding a bigger open space in the world allows the mind to find peace or perhaps new thoughts or answers that have been waiting to come forward. 

What motivates me

Nature has a power like no other and can positively impact your mindset and overall well being - a beauty that must be shared. I want to inspire people to act, just as the people I have met over the last years have done the same for me. Believing change is possible is the first step to making it happen, then it's just a case of trying until you succeed. 

Instagram: @catherine_wishart

Corrine Toyn

Registered Dietitian

 I am a UK Registered Dietitian with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) and the British Dietetic Association (BDA) and have worked across the NHS and food industry in several roles.


My mission is to use my expertise, scientific knowledge and clinical skills to help people make more informed decisions about their food choices and lifestyles.  My role within the retreat is to prepare delicious, varied meals whilst providing some simple tips and individual advice for making positive dietary changes that are sustainable for you in the future.

I am a lover of all things food (of course!) and take any opportunity I can to cook.  

As well as this I am also an exercise lover with interest in Yoga and running.  Catherine has found out that I completed a triathlon last year so has just signed us up for one next year! If anyone wants to join the team let us know!


Mara Cimatoribus

Yoga Teacher

I first discovered yoga as a way to find peace and calm in the mind. That it did, and through time it helped me in so many different ways: I became more flexible and stronger physically and that reflected on how I approached my day to day life. So it’s just fair that I share this with as many people as possible so you can discover how yoga can impact your life too!

My classes are challenging and creative and with the aim to create a safe space where you can try new things and be playful. Through the practice I want to help unleash the energy from inside each and every one of us and let it radiate throughout your thoughts and actions.

I originally trained at Sampoorna Yoga, in India and have had the pleasure of hosting retreats in both Thailand and the UK. 

Instagram: @maracimbatoribus


The Wellness Spectrum Retreat - All Inclusive Package:

• 4 days of activities at the Wellness Spectrum Retreat including yoga, small group personal training and coastal hikes.

• 1-2-1 personal coaching and goals setting

  • Personalised nutritional guidance

• 3 nights accommodation in double/twin rooms

• Breakfast, Lunch, dinner + snacks and social cooking

• Travel to/from London (with private transport)

Additional under request:

• Limited single occupancy rooms

Cannot wait to join us, or just want to know more? 

Enquire now for booking and room options, further information about the experience and availability. 

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