Why work with me?

I help women and men who want improved health, mind set and confidence

How can you create a lifestyle that will allow you to achieve your goals, both personally and career wise? When we go full throttle into our career or business, the rest of our self care (or what little we had) goes straight out of the window as we put everything and everyone else before ourselves - but will this benefit you and those around you in the long term?  Is that creating the the life that you had imagined for yourself?

If you are not looking after yourself then you cannot possibly give your family, partners, friends and clients your best efforts.  Think of your dream life, in that dream life are you running around like a headless chicken in order to get everything done, and get your exercise in, and eat healthily, and put the kids to bed, and get all your emails answered on time, clean the house, call clients, spend time with your friends...Phew! And we're not even close to the end of our to do list!  

So start living your life how you want it.  YOU should be your number 1 priority.  Because without you, none of these other things will even exist! There is no business, there is no family, there is no client. 

And how do you feel? Do you feel energised? Do you feel clear headed and ready to go? Do you feel confident in your appearance? Do you feel strong? Do you feel healthy and nourished? Do you feel able to cope with stressful scenarios? Do you feel in control? Do you feel those around you always get your 100% focus? 

Dream bigger, do better

 I won't say more because right now you know whether any of these apply to you.  If they do, what are you waiting for?  Life is short and, as you know time is precious, what will you do with yours?  

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What will you achieve with me?

Discover yourself


There is nothing like the freedom of realising what has been holding you back.  It can be a long journey to find out, but it is so worth it so you can push forward with your life.  I'm here to help you uncover this and support you on with the next steps you decide to take. 

Exercise you'll enjoy


Find the exercise approach that suits you.  Hate running? Then don't run.  Feeling stiff all the time? Start moving more. Exercise doesn't have to be complex, however there are certain approaches which work best for individual goals.  I will help you discover ways to exercise to enjoy yourself and how to get the results you want.

Food relationship


Boredom or stress eating? Skipping meals? Weekends are a free for all? Can't find the time to cook?.....Anything resonating with you? Food preparation can be a stressful thought but knowing how you can organise your time, or some great alternatives can make or break your health, energy levels and also your body results



How do you feel about yourself? I want you to feel strong, energised, positive and have a great feeling of self worth and achievement. Taking steps towards change will allow this to grow day by day until the momentum builds and you are on a roll. 

Stress management


The S word, the sounds of it brings that little flutter to your heart or your stomach.  Reducing stress levels can be the tipping point for so many people so having ways to help manage this on a daily basis and into the future is a lesson worth learning. 

Finding time for it all


Time is unfortunately not endless for us so it is important that you are efficient with what you have.  Accurate planning and scheduling to make sure we fit everything in must be done, and yes, yawn! I hear you and trust me, I know.  But without it we are left meandering on the same path continuously. 



"I feel stronger, fitter and more energised"

 "I have been training with Catherine for almost a year - as someone who rarely exercised I was apprehensive to start but she encouraged me exactly how I needed and helped me feel less daunted by it all.  She ensures all of my sessions are varied, fun and, of course, hard work.  I've learnt so much in the last year and feel stronger, fitter and more energised thanks to her support.   Anyone who is looking to get into fitness and needs supports and coaching, but also someone who will push you to achieve your goals - get yourself to see Catherine!" 


"Pushing me beyond my own limits"

 "I never thought I'd enjoy hitting the gym, let alone ever be able to lift 60kg or do press ups!! But Catherine is an amazing trainer, very knowledgeable and great at motivating me and pushing me beyond my own limits.  She is also really lovely and easy to get along with! " 


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