About me

Why wait to make the change?

Working as a restaurant manager I reached a stage of my life where I was drinking every day, eating so much bad food I was being physically sick on almost a daily basis, not caring how I appeared even at work, being constantly tired, and in a job where I was not allowed to be creative and inspire change.  So, deciding it was time for a different approach, I quit my job and retrained as a personal trainer.  Since then I have been on a, somewhat enlightening, journey of self discovery and development and, although I still have a long way to go, the steps I have taken so far have changed my life drastically. 

Honesty equals opportunity

One of the hardest things I have found is opening up and being honest with myself about feelings I never even knew existed.  I have never found it easy to share emotions and have often been afraid to open up about what I feel through fear of being judged by those around me.  But in order to grow I have had to dig deep and realise that, if I am passionate about making my life the way I want it, then I need to find a way to jump over these obstacles (even if I trip up and fall on my face in the process!) 

Can you relate?

I know that being brave is always the tougher road to take, but just imagine the outcomes of never hesitating. Imagine the outcomes of pursuing every idea you ever had.  Imagine the outcome of going through with that workout you put in the diary each day this week. Imagine the outcome of ignoring that nagging disbelief.  Imagine your life in that scenario.  Now do it. 

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