Helping Yourself

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What are your core priorities in life? 

Write down your top 3 goals right now.  

Is your own health and well being one of these 3 things? If not, why not?

If it is, then great! But are you doing things on a daily basis in order make yourself feel good, healthy, energised and happy? Are you focusing some energy on looking after yourself as opposed to just your business or the other people in your life? 

These are important realisations because, as human beings, we like to make sure that others are cared for (our clients, our family, our partners, our employees) so we often push ourselves to the bottom of the do to list without realising it, We can't truly help others if we let our own health and mental well being deteriorate. 

Mindset Matters

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I could talk to you about the importance of different styles of exercise and how eating properly is crucial, however if the belief that you are able to achieve that goal is not within you, then you will likely give up before reaching it, no matter the steps you take. 

This may mean perhaps your goal just needs to be broken down into smaller chunks.  Stumbling at the first, second and third hurdle is more than OK, but it's ensuring that you have a good enough reason to get back up and carry on that is important. 

I find honesty is the best policy when it comes to making the best progress we can. I am very empathetic, but I have always thought a better friend is the one who will tell you when there's toilet paper stuck to your shoe, than be too shy to point it out.  Honesty with yourself is crucial, and taking time to reflect on whether you want to invest in learning how to make things simple, enjoyable and results driven will determine your next move. 

Timing is everything

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There is a strong stigma that when we integrate exercise and other healthy habits into our lives it has to be a sudden complete upheaval of our entire lifestyle, habits and social life.  Results for your health, body and mind take TIME and yes, changes, but life will happen and we need to make sure we create an achievable long term lifestyle. 

There is never a one size fits all, but generally I have found that people who tell me, "I have to go all or nothing," never manage to stick to the all approach.  This is also why I work mostly on a 1 to 1 basis, so that I can help people create a workable lifestyle and healthy relationship with food and exercise just for them. 

Exercise doesn't have to take up half of your morning or be a chore. Healthy eating doesn't have to be boring or consume hours of your time every single day.  I'm guessing you already know some, if not all, of this, but are lacking 'motivation', confidence or knowledge as to how to implement these ideas. Find out if I can help you to take these steps. 

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